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It is prohibited to possess Hametz on Passover.  One is not allowed to derive any benefit from Hametz.  Furthermore, Hametz which was in the possession of a Jew on Passover may not be used after the holiday.  Any Hametz, therefore, which cannot be consumed or disposed of before Passover must be sold to a non-Jew.
The legal intricacies covering this transfer of property are many and only a competent Rabbi should be entrusted with its execution.
All utensils which have been used for Hametz, as well as any Hametz being sold, should be put aside in an accessible place.  It is best that the utensils be thoroughly cleansed of any trace of Hametz.  If possible, these items included in the sale of Hametz should be stored in a locked room with the key out of reach.
To avoid having Hametz in your possession before Passover, please fill out the enclosed Mehirat (selling) Hametz form and RETURN IT TO RABBI BENCHIMOL BEFORE MONDAY MARCH 26, 2018
The Hametz will be repurchased for you approximately an hour after Pesach, so please do not open your Hametz cupboards until Saturday night, April 7 at 9:00 PM.
Please Note:  Those people traveling EAST (i.e. Europe, Israel etc… - to an earlier Time Zone than New York), should sell their Hametz at the place of their destination and NOT through the Synagogue.
If you are sending your forms through the mail, please make sure that there will be ample time for them to arrive before the above-mentioned date.  Rabbi Benchimol will not be responsible for the forms that come after that date.  Make sure the Rabbi has your form.


There is a universal Jewish custom to arrange a special fund before Pesach known as Ma’ot Hittim.  Ma’ot Hittim (literally, money for wheat) is given to poor people to help them purchase Matzot and wine for Pesach.  If you would like to participate in this Mitzvah, please speak to the Rabbi.
We ask everyone to please check their belongings (Talit & Tefilin bags) to make sure that no food particles (candies, Hametz etc…) remain in the Synagogue before Pesach.


Thursday March 29 - Bedikat Hametz
AFTER 7:59 PM Searching for Hametz

Friday March 30 -  Erev Pesach
STARTS 5:19 AM Taanit Bechorim, fast of the first born starts
For those who choose not to fast, you can attend a Siyum with Seudat Mitzva after Shahrit
7:00 AM 1st Shahrit Minyan                                                                      
7:45 AM Siyum
8:15 AM 2nd Shahrit Minyan
10:30 AM Latest time to EAT Hametz
11:45 AM Latest time to BURN Hametz
7:00 PM Candle lighting  for Shabbat & Hag              
6:55 PM Minha followed by Arvit for Shabbat & Yom Tov
  First Seder

Shabbat  March 31-  First Day of Pesach
8:30 AM Shahrit- change to Tal Umatar with Mussaf in Amida            
  Seudah Shlishit should be eaten at home
7:00 PM Mincha followed by Shiur and Arvit, First Day of Omer           
AFTER 8:01PM Candle lighting from pre-existing flame
  Second Seder

Sunday April 1 - Second Day of Pesach
8:30 AM Shahrit  
7:00 PM Minha followed by Shiur and Arvit, Second Day of Omer              
8:02 PM Yom Tov Ends                                                                      

Thursday April 5 - Erev Hag
7:00 AM Regular Shahrit
8:15 AM Late Shahrit
7:06 PM Candle lighting                                         
7:00 PM Minha followed by Arvit                                             
11:30 PM—
1:00 AM
Midnight Study                                                           

Friday April 6 - Seventh Day of Pesach
8:30 AM Shahrit 
BEFORE 7:07 PM Candle lighting, from pre-existing flame
7:00 PM Minha followed by Shiur & Arvit                                  

Shabbat April 7 - Eighth Day of Pesach
8:30 AM Shahrit   
6:45 PM Minha followed by Seudah Shlishit and Arvit
  Seudah Shlishit is in memory of HaRav Asher ben Meir Baal Haness ZT”L (of Roslyn, Long Island) & Eliyahu ben Moshe Z"L.
8:09 PM Yom Tov ends                                                                        
Do not open your Hametz cupboards until 9:00 PM


SHAHRIT (Monday—Friday)
6:15 AM Early Minyan (Fifth floor)
7:00 AM Regular Minyan   
8:15 AM Late Minyan (MSC thanks Michel Pimienta for strengthening the daily late Minyan.)
SHAHRIT (Sunday)
8:30 AM Sunday Shahrit Minyan
7:00 PM Sunday—Thursday March 18 until the end of summer.


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