Service Schedule



Tuesday May 30 - Erev Shavuot

8:01 PM
Candle lighting
7:45 PM Minha followed by Arvit of Yom Tov
Tikun Lel Shavuot (midnight study)
12:00 AM - 4:00 AM
Classes by:
Dr. Burstein, Marc Hazan & Rabbi Benchimol

Wednesday May 31 - 1st Day of Shavuot
 4:40 AM Shahrit First Minyan 
8:30 AM  Shahrit Second Minyan led by the Youth Minyan
2nd Reading of the
10 Commandments 10:00 AM
followed by Ice Cream Party for the children
Hebrew after school program at 4:15 PM
(special Shavuot session with the
Ten Commandments and ice cream)
7:40 PM Azharot, book of Ruth, Mincha followed by Shiur & Arvit
After 9:10 PM Candle lighting (from pre-existing flame)

Thursday June 1 - 2nd Day of Shavuot
8:30 AM Shahrit(with Yizkor)
7:30 PM Azharot, Book of Ruth, Minha followed by Shiur & Arvit
9:11 PM Yom Tov ends

Thank you to: 
Marc & Ofra Hazan for providing the snacks for the Shavuot Midnight Study in memory of Marc’s parents, Yosef Ben Zohra and Simha Bat Izza Z”L, Marc’s brother Shimon Tzion ben Simha Z”L, and in memory of Ofra’s parents, Shalom Ben Tamo and Hannah Bat Izza Z”L and Ofra’s brother, Eliyahu ben Hana Z”L.
Philip & Alina Rutstein for providing the flower arrangements to the Synagogue in memory of Philip's beloved father, Menahem Mendel Shmuel Halevi ben Nahman Z”L and his beloved mother Pearl Moses Rutstein, Peninah bat Reuven ve Rachel Z”L.