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    New York, NY 10021


  The Manhattan Kollel"

A Project of Aleph Learning Center


Manhattan Sephardic Congregation is proud to present an important project that will be adding tremendous Kedusha to our community and entire neighborhood; "The Manhattan Kollel" (A project of Aleph Learning Center), consisting of rabbis who learn every Sunday through Thursday, 1:30 pm – 7:30 pm in our premises.
These rabbis are also devoted to the needs of our community, available every afternoon and evening to study with the members on any Torah topic you desire. 
And a very important aspect of this program is to reach out to the children of our community, especially targeting Jewish children from the local public & private schools to provide them with free after school classes on Judaism and torah, including Bar /Bat Mitzvah lessons.
Also, this project guarantees a Sephardic Minyan for Minha and Arvit every day, including the winters, the only one in our neighborhood.
Be a part of it.  Take advantage of this Kollel and come and learn with a rabbi on any Torah subject.  
To participate and/or to help sponsor, please speak to Rabbi Benchimol.
See below our Children's Wednesday program (4:15 - 6 PM).





For more pictures of the Manhattan Kollel in action, see our gallery (under Manhattan Kollel).