Service Schedule

2 ADAR – FEB. 17
Friday February 16 ROSH HODESH ADAR
5:13 PM Candle lighting
5:10 PM Minha followed by Shir Hashirim & Kabbalat Shabbat
Shabbat February 17
Latest time to read the Shema (Shabbat)
Magen Avraham (8:48 AM)  Tanya  (9:29 AM)
8:30 AM Shahrit
9:15 AM The Mahazike Torah Youth Minyan—5TH FLOOR
This week’s Kiddush is co-sponsored by:
· Issever family for the blessed memories of Marko's grandparents, Mordechai ben Shmuel Meshulam Z”L and Ester bat Yaacov Meshulam Z”L and for the shloshim of Devorah (Dora) bat Yaacov Haleva A”H.
· Meyer Chetrit & Asher Alcobi in loving memory of Henry Zilberman (חיים בן אברהם) Z”L.

12:15 PM Post-Kiddush Tehilim (10th Year!) is for the Safety, Security & Recovery of  all Israeli Soldiers & Citizens and Jews around the world .
4:00 PM Class given by Rabbi Benchimol: Weekly Parasha
4:45 PM Minha
5:15 PM
Seudah Shlishit is co-sponsored by:
· Dr. Dino Bertini and his children Massimo & Enzo in memory of Naomi Alexandra Bat Avraham Z”L.
· Mireille & Ariella Mechoullam, in memory of Mireille’s beloved Husband & Ariella’s beloved father, Abraham Daniel ben Eliyahu Z”L.
· Raymonda Rastegar Harnick in memory of her beloved mother, Heshmat bat Yosef Z”L.

6:10 PM Arvit
6:15 PM Shabbat ends
During the winter weeks, Shabbat morning Tefilah will tend to conclude earlier.

Friday FEBRUARY 23
5:22 PM Candle lighting
5:15 PM Minha followed by Shir Hashirim & Kabbalat Shabbat
Shabbat FEBRUARY 24
6:23 PM   Shabbat Ends